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Alphonse “Alfie” Trotter || Seventeen || FC: Andrew Garfield || TAKEN

Alfie Trotter is the youngest son of two of the fiercest Scots you will ever encounter. His father is tough and grizzly, the kind of man you’d imagine eats iron or puppies for breakfast. His mother, the fine bonnie she is, is even tougher – she’s a few hormones short of growing a beard.  And Alfie… Well, he’s not. He takes after neither of his parents nor his five older siblings; he’s what some would call “the black sheep”. He missed out on the freakishly large muscles and the uncontrollable chest hair genes, and instead he was blessed with awkward limbs and a lanky frame. He’s the runt of the litter, to say the least. If it weren’t for the home birth he had with his stubborn mother in the barn (she’s didn’t need to go to the hospital, she could manage the job just fine herself) his parents would have been convinced they picked up the wrong baby (– they still ended up doing a DNA test, just to be sure.) Rather than having the brutal and gruff nature of his family, Alfie has a much quirkier nature of his own. He’s the wee scrawny Scottish boy, chirpy and a friend to all.

 He offers his companionship like he’s giving away spare change; he’ll befriend anything that moves. Although he is completely hopeless when it comes to comforting and he often screws up when he tries to help, many people turn to the Scottish lad as a source for comfort and reassurance. Alfie himself finds it mind boggling, but he will always oblige because that’s just what Alfie does. One of his biggest weaknesses is not being able to disappoint people, he simply cannot say no.  He’ll help you out with whatever you ask, he’ll bend over backwards just to make you smile, but this often backfires on the poor lad. The workload usually builds up, he forgets to do things, gets distracted with other jobs, and eventually he often ends up doing exactly what he tries to avoid – disappointing people. When this happens, and it always happens, Alfie often goes on a sulk and begins making apology fruit baskets – he’s manly like that.

The Trotter’s in all of their Scots glory are well known around Bristol, mainly for their livestock and the fact that Alfie’s Pa’ still wears a quilt around the town. They are close business partners with the Creevey’s, often exchanging supplies and sometimes their sons get confused in the mix too. Due to their close roots to the Creevey’s, it was only natural that Alo and Alfie became close too. Alfie was quickly accepted into Rich’s life as well, as Alo could never replace his best friend (no matter how Scottish Alfie may be) and the three are a somewhat make shift group of musketeers. 

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